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Bubble Humidifier Bottle for Oxygen Concentrator

Drive DeVilbiss

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Genuine and Quality product from Salter Labs.

Oxygen humidifiers are medical devices used to humidify supplemental oxygen. Typically a bubble-type humidifier provides long-lasting moisture for utmost patient comfort during oxygen therapy, especially in drier climates.

Low Flow 300ml Bubble Humidifiers 6 PSI, are designed specifically for oxygen low flow rates up to 6 PSI with face masks or cannulas. Clearly marked, permanent min and max lines help easily identify optimum operation levels. Ideal for home, clinic or hospital oxygen therapy use.

The 360 degree diffuser head provides superior gas hydration with very low operation volume. The pressure relief valve automatically resets and also has an audible pressure relief alert to warn of any potential patient or equipment hazards. Low water turbulence and tight, large wing nut securely seals in pressure and prevents rain-out.

360 Degree Molded Low-Resistance 6 PSI Diffuser Head Design
Diffusion Ports Operate Quietly with Improved Hydration
Stem and Diffuser Resist Clogging from Mineral Build-Up
Quiet, Efficient Operation
Audible Pop-Off Alarm at 6 PSI
Easy to Read, Durable Jar with Measured Markings
Special Diffuser Minimizes Internal Resistance
Easy to Grip Large Quad Wing Nut Reduces Chance of Cross Threading
Durable Plastic for Long-Term Use